GIS Mapping

In the simplest terms, geographic information systems (GIS) merge cartography, statistical analysis and database technology; but what good does it do for you?

GIS maps help you to quickly visualize and interrupt your data to efficiently communicate your message. The GIS field changes fast and continues to offer powerful analytical tools that provide succinct inquiry that cuts through the chatter and long-winded answers.

Research Design Associates employs the latest GIS technology and methodology to help you find useful answers to your market-based questions.
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Research Design Associates GIS output allow our clients to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualize data in many ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends in the form of maps, globes, reports, and charts.

As a trend-setting market analysis firm, Research Design Associates believes that most research reports benefit substantially from GIS mapping information. With our GIS expertise, you’ll see your market in ways you’ve never imagined, which will allow you to gain an advantage over your competition.