Customer Relations

Customers make decisions in a multitude of ways. Successful businesses need to interact with customers in real-time, recognizing problems quickly as they arise.

Research Design Associates helps clients take a comprehensive inventory of influencing factors important to customers. From that, we can help you build multi-point feedback and response systems to assess customer satisfaction in the fast moving marketplace.
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After understanding customer satisfaction levels, Research Design Associates enhances consumer interaction with tools to measure loyalty, focus on customer retention and, when needed, employ win-back strategies.

Research Design Associates strengthens your businesses’ relationship by determining layers of loyalty that influence the customer experience. Based on that knowledge we help you identify necessary improvements to provide a consistent and positive purchase, delivery and feedback experience.

Retention market research allows you to focus your resources on those customers who frequently buy your products or services. Research Design Associates can establish metrics to help you, not only know that you are meeting or exceeding customer expectations, but also to develop tools to turn customers into referrals.

In difficult economic times customers defect. When they do, few will tell you why. But lost customers are more likely to share their negative impression with friends and colleagues. Research Design Associates can help you establish, monitor and measure your customers’ bonds, which can help to overcome negative experiences and win-back customers.

Case: Customer Relations

An employee credit union wanted to identify the suitable competitive advantages their customers valued most. A consumer survey clearly determined what their participants valued most among current services and a wish list of future services. The information from the survey also formed basis for a new promotional campaign.

With relatively little expense, and the help of Research Design Associates the credit union increased its customer satisfaction and loyalty and added profitable new services.