Reliable survey implementation and analysis is not always easy to execute. It takes careful, seasoned statisticians and sampling experts to design surveys that provide trustworthy answers.

Research Design Associates is expert in gathering and analyzing data that will gain your confidence and allow you to use the findings in creative ways. We will help you to understand your market and improve your business results.
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Design Layout

Good survey design is all about asking the right question in the right way to determine the respondents’ true meaning and intent. Research Design Associates expertly translates issues of interest into questionnaires.

Sampling Methodology

Choosing a representative sample from the targeted market is the trickiest part of survey research. No matter where you meet your respondent (on the street, on the phone or online), your findings are only as good as they are representative of your target audience.

Research Design Associates understands this issue and therefore, skillfully designs samples that are valid and reliable each and every time.

Survey Administration

Surveys can be administered a number of ways; live interviews, self-administered surveys and online surveys can all provide effective ways to gather pertinent consumer data to help you understand your market. But it takes an expert to determine which method to use and why.

Research Design Associates not only knows what questions to ask, but where and how to ask them. You can rely on the experts at Research Design Associates to effectively communicate with your audience and help you to find the answers that you need to succeed.

Case: Surveys

An international manufacturer of flail mowing machines was trying to reposition itself in the market place for competitive advantage. It had two main markets: the grounds keepers of large corporate real estate properties and state and local governments.

In an economic downturn, few new machines were being purchased. A telephone survey of end-users revealed substantial opportunity in the marketplace. The company rapidly executed a new strategy that resulted in a substantial increase in market share.

A year later the company was taken over by its largest competitor with lucrative packages for management. The strategic redirection, guided by Research Design Associates, had made the company such a threat that the industry leader’s market position that it was forced buy out its competition to gain access to the process.