Sample Selection

The most important part of any research is the selection of an appropriate sample. Research Design Associates can resolve the issues surrounding the selection of an appropriate sample.

Accomplishing a random and representative sample of sufficient size to accurately describe the population is a bit tricky. Research Design Associates can do it with statistical precision and confidence.
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Research Design Associates routinely selects accurate sample to address a broad variety of research questions. This allows organizations to extensively examine a subset of their population to obtain factual and actionable predictions about how the larger population will perform. Sample selection is one of the few parts of research that most organizations have difficulty performing in-house. If the sample is inappropriate its use as a basis for decisions may be faulty and the resources invested in the research could be wasted.

Example: Sample Selection

Let’s say you wanted to know how tall the average male was in the US. You could measure all 150 million guys. Some folks would die and some be born while you were accomplishing the measurements so you would have to account for that. Or you could take a sample carefully designed so that the measurement of the fellows in your sample resulted in nearly identical measurements to those in the population of US males. Research Design Associates are expert in navigating through research projects and selecting the right sample for the task.