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Pat Maykuth

I have always been interested in finding new methodologies that address interesting questions rather than limiting the questions asked to those we already had methodologies and statistics to answer. To that end we founded Research Design Associates. Our goal is to provide research resources to individuals and organizations that lack the in-house research capacity to get the answers they need.

I prefer to work with small or emerging growth companies because they tend to be agile and act on findings. Working with these companies as they develop their strategic agendas is exciting and fun. Large companies have inherent political forces that color how results are viewed. They tend to be slower to act and often rely on history more than current developments and future opportunities. We are equally interested in helping not-for-profit and public-private partnerships ask the right questions that will enable them to move toward their mission in today’s marketplace.

Research is like paper folding. In origami for hundreds of years it was believed that only 7 folds could be made from a single sheet of paper. Then, just after the turn of the millennium, a clever high school student in California demonstrated how there could be 12 folds. She did the math and took paper folding to a whole new level. Research Design Associates is where math, science, creativity, and innovation come together to help us conceive better solutions and futures that had not been thought of before. New technologies and opportunities abound if we take the time and expend the effort to look and learn.

My formal education resulted from the pursuit of degrees in psychology from George Washington University to the University of Wyoming and through a Ph.D from Emory University. The rest of the story resulted from thinkng about challenging issues with folks interested in workable solutions.

I continue my lifelong passion for and engagement with horses that run and jump.


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Our new website and blog is live!

After much hard work, Research Design Associates is pleased to announce the launch of our new website and blog. Our goal in the redesign was to create a more engaging online presence that provided informational resources to our visitors and points of interaction through the blog, twitter and facebook.

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