Making the Customer Connection: Content Marketing

Providing value to your customers

Your web site is up-to-date and secure: check. You have created a presence on social media: check. You and your staff contribute to a blog: check. As a result, the shop fields lots of questions and responds to numerous requests for help. But you can’t help thinking your website could be doing more to support the connection between you and your customers.


That customer connection is known as content marketing and it is a hot topic as the internet becomes more mature. For a perfect example of content marketing, I look no farther than my preferred baking supply company which also positions itself as a baking help center. Bread bakers are always concerned about gluten development that provides the dough with structure. How many thousands of calls to the hot line asked the question: How do I know when the gluten is fully developed? Their response: post a short video on the web site showing three phases of gluten development along with the technique to test for it. That doesn’t mean the calls won’t still come, but now the caller can be directed to the video for a visual answer.


Step back and look at your business from the customer’s point of view: what questions would you ask, what information would you like to have, what kind of assistance would you need? The garden center staff collaborated on a list of deer-proof plants and the on-line shoe store developed a printable size template. Showing customers creates trust in both the product and the seller.


The first step is always the hardest. And once that first content is finished, you’ll find your customers actually help drive the process. What better way to keep your web site fresh and increase search hits?


For detailed help, visit the Content Marketing Institute.


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