Easily Crossing the Age Divide

Input from under 30s, Millennials and Childres Welcome

One incredible part of the experience was how plugged in we under-30s were to panels and private sessions. I attended one on the ‘values context’, featuring one of our very own Shapers, who held his own amongst panelists twice his age. Afterwards, I went to my first workshop, which was a smaller group discussion on how data can be used more effectively in education. It was entirely fascinating how much data is already available to give us better insight on how children learn, what time of day is best, and with which teachers they’ll connect best. The same kinds of data are available for teachers, about their style and effectiveness. It was a fascinating conversation on the possible benefits, as well as the privacy implications that could arise. 


That night, I selected a dinner session hosted by media leaders on their top five predictions for stories this year. I sat with a friendly editor of the Wall Street Journal, as well as the President of UNC-Chapel Hill, and the CEO of Duke Energy and his lovely wife.  We had a lively chat about youth unemployment and how universities are preparing, or can better prepare, youth for the work force.


Fast-forward to Thursday and my first night of sleep, totaling a whopping five hours. I kicked off the day with an early morning private session with a Global Agenda Council on how to engage tomorrow’s consumer in sustainability choices. I sat in a room with thirty executives who came from household-name companies. They welcomed my input on how to engage Millennials, as well as children.  This was my first real experience of the week in getting to be so front-line with such powerful decision-makers. I loved getting to hear their thinking processes, and also to be able to engage in a dialogue.


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