Davos Schedule Change


Next, it was time to meet the Shapers in the main hall for a photo op with Muhtar Kent, CEO of Coca-Cola, our largest sponsor of the Global Shapers program, and Klaus Schwab.  From there, I ventured to the Africa tent with my roommate and some friends from our hall, and had a great time getting to know them better. Afterwards, I trekked up the mountain to a women’s leadership dinner. It was really neat to interact with so many successful women, some of whom were simply overwhelmingly humble, even when they were huge names in their country and beyond. We broke into table discussions on women mentoring women. 


I had one plan in mind, but let the serendipity of Davos lead me and two other female Shapers to hop into a car with a couple of female executives and join them and their team for a drink. Later, they were kind enough to offer us their car service to take us to our next destination which, naturally, was the Belvedere. Arriving after midnight, it seemed the consensus for our Shaper friends was to try the famous Piano Bar. We arrived, and it felt like a better-dressed frat party. Everyone was crammed in, and it seemed odd that anyone could actually be having fun. After a brief stay, it was time to call it a night. 


Tough to believe it, but Saturday had arrived.  Even tougher to believe: on about three hours of sleep, I was fully functional. I joined a Shaper for a private breakfast with Coke, WEF employees, and some potential sponsors of the Shapers program. It was small, but getting to speak at a podium in front of such important people, all off-the-cuff, was a great experience. It turned out I was seated next to the Vice-Chairman of CitiBank, who happens to live in Birmingham.  We had a great chat, and I hope I helped, rather than hurt, his thoughts on potentially supporting the program…


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