Davos Day 1

February 08, 2013
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Best Practices for Shapers Hubs

Day One: Monday. As Global Shapers, we met with our gifted and excited World Economic Forum (WEF) staff members. They had organized two days of sessions for us to get to know one another, and work together to create better systems and best practices for the 210 Hubs and counting, worldwide. I won’t go into painstaking detail about the work we did; nevertheless, we bonded over shared successes and failures as Hubs, and saw many commonalities between us no matter how far apart we lived geographically. We discussed what makes a Hub effective and talked about the importance of building trust first with our teams, as well as experiencing small wins with project completion to build momentum.  Another theme emerged that no one wants to recreate the wheel. We have a plethora of resources available to us, between our own Hubs, the entire Shapers community, and the WEF’s fellow communities: Young Global Leaders and Schwab Social Entrepreneurs.  We talked about creating a repository for the information we need on a Hub level as well as across Hubs.  Another important point was the necessity of skills and assets mapping of our members. This is helpful when we as Hubs or individuals may need to lean on the expertise of others to best execute what we’re doing. 


More so, we had the honor of being addressed by professor Klaus Schwab, the founder of  WEF, who explained to us that Davos is not an official conference because no decisions are made at the end. Rather, it’s a laboratory of ideas that covers a multitude of the topics on the global agenda. His hopes were that at its end, we’d walk away more optimistic about the current global position, and with a better awareness of our roles as global citizens.  More so, there was conversation that historically, while the elders taught the youth, in our current world, the youth are often teaching their elders since we’re digital natives who grew up online.  


After a 10-hour day together, we took the finicular train up to the top of the mountain to the most famous restaurant in town, and shared a Swiss favorite: cheese fondue. We enjoyed time together and with WEF staff.


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