Davos Resilient Dynamism

And Trying Logistics

Don’t let me forget to mention the ever-present challenges of its being January in the Alps. As you move from location to location, you change your boots and coat each time, as well as go through security checkpoints at each venue. (There are more security and police officers than participants.) 


Now I’ve gotten off-track. Tuesday afternoon was our opening session at the Congress Centre. Klaus Schwab welcomed us and talked about Resilient Dynamism, the theme of the week. This tended to make for interesting and confused conversation amongst many, as we struggled to determine exactly what that means. He invited his wife onstage to present three awards. One of these went to Charlize Theron, who came to accept for her work in South Africa to eradicate the spread of AIDS from mother-to-child.   Inadvertently, she set the tone for me that this would be a week of constant self-pinching. 


That evening, we had the opportunity as a group to attend a party and panel with Muhtar Kent, Bea Perez, and other Coke leaders. Their energy and support of our program was infectious. 

This was another late night, followed by little sleep due to a combination of aforementioned factors coupled with excitement for the day to come.


The next day started off with an early morning with a walk to the Conference Centre to dive into a session on ‘the social technology context’. This included points on how social media can now disrupt governments, as well as questions on how we can use social media to impact our communities positively. After that, I scouted out some space in one of the many coffee lounges, and met with the head of North America for the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. We had a great conversation about possible deeper collaborations between her community and the Shapers. Before she arrived, I had random conversations with several people – from academics to scientists and technologists. All of this is par for the course in Davos.  


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