What did I take away?

Next, back to Congress Centre for a couple of impromptu sessions: one by three YGLs on plugging into the under-utilized human capital markets (disabled/autistic, part-time work force, and close to retirement age people). It was great, and sparked a possible collaboration with one for a potential cross-Shapers project. Also, I got to pop into a great panel on emotions, and loved every minute of it.


Finally, it was time for the Shapers’ wrap up. Quite the love and energy fest! It felt really cool to see how close we’d gotten so quickly. The next little bit of the afternoon was used to pack up and get ready for the cocktail event on Magic Mountain. 

We arrived, and almost immediately I began a conversation with Eric Whitacre, the interesting composer from the digital masterpiece panel. I found him to be the most interesting individual conversation I had, as well as a flycatcher of interesting people. I got wrapped up in that energy and had a blast!


Alas, it was time to go as Shapers for a final hangout. We took over a bar and cheered with prosecco, sang songs together, and had some great conversations. I felt as if some of these people are actual friends now. 

Because we didn’t want it to end, we stayed out late and got little sleep before our 6:30 A.M. cab to our 7A.M. airport shuttle. From there, it was all a memory. 


What did I take away? It’s still too soon to know for sure. For now, I can say that I took away many new friends.  I can say that we, as Shapers, really can make an impact and have some best practice ideas to help make that happen. It became clear to me that our generation is in a unique position where CEOs realize they need our feedback. At times, I felt like a peer in those conversations. I learned that people are people: no matter how important and/or famous one might be, we all are pretty much the same, and they were in our shoes at one time. Also, I was amazed at how worldly and accomplished my peers are. It made me want to be more aware of the greater world around me, as well as to travel more.  I learned that I’m capable, and I confirmed the power of networking. I hope sincerely that I will be back to Davos again soon on my own merits, because it can’t be done best just once! What an honor and a chance of a lifetime! For all this I am grateful. To Davos: the winter camp I hope to know again.


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