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Web Content: The Great Business Equalizer

If you ask a small business owner about competing with the legacy business with 4,000 employees and unlimited marketing budget, you’re likely to hear that that they can’t and won’t compete in that space. What all small businesses need to know is that the Web in all its forms is as much available to them as it is to the ‘big guys’. The key is to use the Web tools that will generate market share. Here’s a quick look at the tools and strategies that make that possible.

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E-Mail Marketing: A Must for Small Businessses and Non-Profits

he ones I do pay attention to are from my local small businesses that have been late entries to web-based anything. Three are great examples of different ways to use this powerful marketing tool: one is a local branch of a national franchise bakery that has done very well in my neighborhood; another is an upscale ladies wear store with a minimal web presence; and the third is a non-profit sports organization.

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Does multitasking make you stupid?

Digital natives are constantly switching attention from a variety of inputs. While rapid engagement with a variety of stimulation through multiple sources of web input, what happens to the “quiet” engagement. Where do we learn the skills necessary for the creative, insightful and inventive thought? How do we learn to lead and support leaders if we are mainly engaged in reception? Hopefully we’ll observe, collaborate and learn how digital immersion impacts education; gaining insights about development in the digital age. Otherwise, today's youth will wonder “What took you so long?”

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Restaurants Need Good Websites

Every restaurant needs a good website, timing is everything. On a riff of ‘you are what you eat’, restaurant websites need to reflect the dining experience. Well constructed web pages are easy to edit ans update.

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Web Failures Lose Customers

A well-established national retail operation closed the bulk of its retail operations and transitioned – badly – to e-business. The products are available, but don’t get your hopes up. Two critical customer facing functions – address verification for shipping and secure hosting for credit card transactions – where the businesses relied on web developers without having a fundamental understanding of what the customer experience demanded. If the national company had invested in rigorous testing, the address verification problem would never had reached the final version of code.

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Cheap Communications Cost Revolutionize Employee Collaberation and Productivity

Top down management of complexity is being transformed by networks and collaborative innovation in flatter organizational structures of social networks. Young tech savvy employees need management, but that management must be in tune with their skill, collaborative education and resistance to authority. Human productive capacity is the power of extended collaboration through the ability to work with anyone anywhere in the world who has the knowledge and skills a business needs. Learning organizations offer the opportunity to evolve the company, to educate and train employees to contribute at all levels and to move swiftly. There is an employment downside, there are employees who will lose if they do not keep pace.

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Doing Web 1.0 Better

My business is small - it's local - it's personal, so e-business doesn't fit my business model. Alas ecommerce has to be part of you long term business strategy. Some ideas for making your web 1.0 site work harder for you. You don't have to compete with every deep pocketed international company. No need to miss out on the power of your web investment.

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