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Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

They say, ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ and this speaks to the power of habit. The older we get, the more set in our ways we remain. This only adds to my point that the older we get, the harder it is to trend away from the lessons of our childhood to ‘not fail’ and find whatever means are necessary to ‘succeed’. What some of us realize is that ‘to succeed’ in the professional world by maintaining a paying job in-and-of-itself doesn’t always equate to satisfaction. If one chooses to move from that path of perceived success to the world of the entrepreneur, where ‘failure’ becomes a much more likely possibility, it’s challenging to believe in yourself, face the fear, and more so, to overcome the hesitations and questions of your support system who generally were also raised to fear ‘failure’

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Starting sales in an international market

Once it is determined that there is a market and you have on-the-ground visual research, the next step is to determine the method to bring your product into the market. The six methods are: take orders directly, sale through an international buyer, engage a company to represent you, export directly, sell through the web, and use family members in targeted country.

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Online Business Etiquette

I’ve received your emails and was too busy to answer. I genuinely believe it’s rude to ignore someone’s email if you know who they are.Generally speaking, younger people grew up with computers and smart phones and as a result are glued to our devices. Therefore, not only will we respond to emails, but we will do so almost immediately. It seems that older generations tend to sit on emails for longer and/or not respond at all. Whether it’s his/her perception of prioritization or lack of importance, this tends to be the result.

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I’m OK, but is the bank I want to borrow money from OK?

Should I be borrowing from my bank? Are they solvent? How can I know what shape my bank is in? When is it time to abandoned my bank? Who can I trust? Texas Rations and Tier One Capital Ratios are available. Investigate your bank to assure they are as worthy of your business as you have to demonstrate you are of their money.

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Fool me once...

"I'm sorry, I've just been burned too many times before to make any changes." Even though I'm in a shadier industry than most, I'd imagine I'm not the only one who hears this excuse when trying to forge new relationships with businesses. I often say my ideal client is someone who's been burned in the past by a competitor because it helps them to see my value. But, there's always the flip side: the reality that the person who's been burned was actually torched, or run through the coals one time too many.

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The Work / Life Balance and Productivity

As a card-carrying work-a-holic, I've had to come to bold realizations about the value of work/life balance. Particularly, as one who runs a business from home, it reminds me of those good-old college days when you lived, worked, and ate in your dorm room, thus resulting in little to no separation of work and personal life. A messy, blurry reality that oftentimes carries into our adult lives. Even though I'm a young professional, I've learned some tough lessons about burnout early on.

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The Small Bank Mess

My business career has reached from loan officer in a regional bank through being a successful single family home developer to now attempting to create jobs and jump start sales of first time homes. Fortunately my thinking has led me to be just ahead of the market.

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