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Need a Loan?

Think of the most painful, physical experience you could ever imagine… (Giving birth? Passing kidney stones? ) and most times, you will find that experience minor compared to making a loan application. While filling out the endless forms is a lot of work, it's not really hard. Once you understand the “new banking game”, the process becomes quite easy. The secret is to start with the end result and work your way backwards. Your “destination” is your loan approval. Your loan officer wants to make sure you can get there by paying your loan off as it comes due. You can either make them dig through endless, unorganized documents that you grudgingly brought in OR you can impress them by showing that you understand the process and by giving them what they need in an orderly format.

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I’m OK, but is the bank I want to borrow money from OK?

Should I be borrowing from my bank? Are they solvent? How can I know what shape my bank is in? When is it time to abandoned my bank? Who can I trust? Texas Rations and Tier One Capital Ratios are available. Investigate your bank to assure they are as worthy of your business as you have to demonstrate you are of their money.

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My Comfortable Banking Relationships

When asked to participate in this blog I was asked to write about my knowledge of and experiences with lending and borrowing money, I had to laugh. This subject is broader than it is long, deeper than it is wide, and changes daily. The only consistent answer that I can muster is if you absolutely, positively, do NOT need the loan, you have a 75% chance of success.

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