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In 2015 Not-For-Profit Organizations Face A Brave New World

Most for-profit businesses have recognized that it is essential to do business differently post-recession in an Internet environment. Looking at the not-for-profit world it seems this lesson may not be so obvious. While the long hard road out of the 2008 recession may be close to ending for US companies, the path may extend substantially further for nonprofits.


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#DineSmall: Restaurants Join Small Business Saturday

SBA and National Resaurant Association partner to spotlight locally woned restaurants. It took five years for the Small Business Administration (SBA) to recognize the value of locally owned restaurants and the role they play in creating and supporting a community’s economy. #DineSmall was created by the SBA in partnership with the National Restaurant Association to promote restaurants on the Saturday after Thanksgiving – Small Business Saturday.


A review on Twitter revealed few menus and few special offerings. The SBA and its local affiliates dominated the tweets on #ShowUsYourMenu much the same as they did on #DineSmall with the addition of numerous high profile politicians tweeting in.


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Small Business Saturday: Highlighting the Value of Local

Credit card companies find merit in promoting small business with web sophistocation beyond most small business' reach. Five years ago, the Small Business Agency (SBA) partnered with American Express (AmEx) to highlight small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Coming on the heels of Black Friday, the single largest shopping day of the year, Small Business Saturday gives local merchants a way to be more visible as they launch the holiday shopping season.

AmEx, positioning itself as a friend of small business, devotes a substantial portion of its website to listing partners, including Bing, Yelp, EventBrite, and FedEx for 2014. AmEx returns a small rebate to its cardholders on purchases made on Small Business Saturday.

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So what do Football and Sales have in common?

Just like your favorite football team, your sales team’s performance is greatly dependent on how well you lay out the game strategy for your team. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that your team’s performance is not important. Your team has to be good enough to even qualify for the playoffs before they can win the game. But to get to the top, you need a combination of great sales people and, an even better sales strategy.

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Looking to export

Looking to export? Exporting existing products and services has helped numerous companies expand their markets and their bottom lines. But, where to start? Here are some basic components of defining your product and ensuring you possesses the basic information to start the process. Even as it focuses on agricultural products, the essence of most of the questions can be applied broadly to a wide range of exports.

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Web sales level playing field for small companies

In looking at Internet sales the top markets are The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France and Australia. You will need to setup your shopping cart to accept the currency of the country you are selling into. Additionally you should generate some standard rates to cover international shipping charges that include any duties. Use an established logistics company to warehouse your product in country for a fee and then ship directly to the client.

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Moving or Expanding Your Company

This past season we worked with a firm that was interested in expanding its operations into Georgia. As always the first step is to define the markets for the firm in the new location. A firm needs to sort out the market share and opportunity that the new location is expected to provide and to understand the fit between workforce needs of the business and workforce assets of the new location. Once the choice of locations can be narrowed to a list of two or three locations, then a firm should explore the tax incentives of each state.

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Restaurants Need Good Websites

Every restaurant needs a good website, timing is everything. On a riff of ‘you are what you eat’, restaurant websites need to reflect the dining experience. Well constructed web pages are easy to edit ans update.

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Delay wastes monetary resources (interest payments) and even worse, we lose the ability to get “our ox out of the ditch” and to get ahead of our competitors (opportunity cost). In my opinion, lost opportunity is the real crime because it never comes back. We must move on. In a world that is changing in exponential dimensions with emerging economic power houses, dwindling resources, out-sourcing of American jobs, population explosions, unstable governments, terrorist concerns… We need new ideas - a new road map. My business model is broken, the fundamentals are there, but what are my buyers thinking? Answers for the future are not always the tried and true ones we all used forever.

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Managing the New Technology To Implement Organizational Strategy

Training for the new economy will be essential to improve and broaden skills to remain employable. While training and development programs used to teach new hires to perform a specific job, today’s training can update the skills and knowledge of established employees. Employees who are committed to adapting to the demands of the new economy will get in the habit of learning and continually developing their education. Knowledge and information are important components for the companies that will thrive after the recession. Thriving companies will be those that rapidly respond to customer feedback and expectations. They will have systems in place to obtain that feedback, candidly respond to it and capitalize on the opportunity - quickly.

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