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Equine Veterinary Care

Equine Veterinary Care is a race horse practice located at the Fair Hill Training Center. The practice and Training Center have both developed into leading resources for Thoroughbred Racing training in North America.

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The 7 Most Common Mistakes That Could Be Keeping Your Business From Getting To The Top This Year

Nothing beats having your own business, being your own boss, and having the power to make things happen.  But with it come great responsibility and a degree of irreplaceability as everyone looks to you for solutions.You know you have it in you to take your company to the next level. But when you’re dealing with so many fires to put out, there’s no wonder you’re facing challenges moving your business to the next level. It’s hard to provide the strategic leadership and implementation needed to achieve your goals.


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Tired of New Hires That Turned Out Just Like the One You Fired?

“Bank employee steals a million, 2 SBC employees found stealing.” Certainly not something anyone wants to go down in company history for, and be remembered for eternity as the person responsible for that hire. Well, at least, not intentionally. It often makes you wonder what could possibly have gone wrong in the recruiting process and what might have prevented something like this from happening. Generally, it isn’t the big things that get overlooked because we’ve prepared adequately for them but more often, the little ones that get right past our eyes.

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Why Are Consultants So Expensive?

As all businesses are turning more to frelance workers and consultants, there is sometines sticker shock at the costs. Here are some ideas for consultants trying to figure out how to price service and some guidelines for those uning consulting services.

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Exploring the Freelance Economy Across Generations

Approximately 14 million jobs vanished in the wake of the 2008 economic meltdown. While many layoffs were directly tied to an overall decline in business and decreased corporate revenues, there were a certain number that resulted from a desire to shrink the labor force.Many people have had to shift to frelancing.

Most of the articles written about the Freelance Economy focus on the freedom enjoyed by the freelance worker: the freedom to work when and how they want, for whom they want and from any place they choose. Yet there can be a great deal of "free", non-billable time spent generating the work opportunities needed to pay our bills. There is true opportunity for those who fighre out how to fit their skills to a specific task rather that selling blocks of time.

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Throwing the Innovation Incubator Out With the Dirty Immigration Bathwater

For more than 3 centuries talented immigrants have contributed to the US’s greatness. At a time when we are not producing enough home grown talent, we are no longer attracting the best and the brightest from around the world. Short-sighted post 9/11 immigration laws have caused a brain drain of people who came to the US legally but cannot obtain a H1B visa (or green card) to allow them to work, start companies, employ Americans and innovate. The visa system is broken and the impact this has had on skilled immigrants threatens our future capacity to innovate.

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Business Incubators: Growing Healthy Start-Ups

Thinking about starting a business? Get past the excitement of selling that perfect product or making it big in your market sector, and get down to what it takes to get a business up and running: space (garages and dorm rooms are fine but have their limitations), a business plan and the marketing savvy that goes along with it, technology basics, and that critical element of financing. Pulling those pieces together can be emotionally, physically, and financially exhausting, and potentially lethal to all but the hardiest of innovators.

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Youth in Revolt: Reversed

As a young businessperson, it’s encouraging to be reminded that your efforts and your voice matter. As it turns out, over 50% of the world’s population is under age 27, which puts me just barely in the minority at the tender age of 28. Regardless, it’s eye-open to recognize this statistic and not take for granted being young. The World Economic Forum joins forces with communities to identify, mentor and empower the leaders of tomorrow.

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Business Comfort Zones

Recently, my business world grew exponentially by winning a bid to partner with a national association. After the excitement wore off, it dawned on me how many things it entailed that were outside of my comfort zone. That included spending a lot of money to prepare for the three year commitment and launch of the program; having to hire an outside marketing person; needing to create and prepare for my company’s very first trade show booth; and most of all, needing to speak to an audience of about 400 people.

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