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Knowing Candidate Antidaote to False Accusations

While on a national election is it harder to have that personal connection with voters that actual know the integrity of the candidate.  On the local level where a candidate has met or been seen many times by the voters, it is harder to prove the lack of integrity without true validation and providing a broader context to the issues. 

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We Elected Them

A few months into President Obama’s first term Republican leaders in Congress openly stated that their #1 goal was to deny him a second term. In the process, they denied the American electorate a functioning government. Nice work! Yet the Republican leadership could not have caused the divide without many legislators and citizens drawing ideological lines in the sand. While the goal of denying Obama a second term failed, we are stuck with the residual ideologically rigid non-functioning government that has yet to step up to the task of functionally addressing the country’s problem.

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