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Retargeting Online Display Ads

Retargeting substantially increases the value of advertising, build brand awareness and retains the targeted visitors' eyes after they have left your site. This value added ad extension prolongs your ad message and increases its value. It is another interesting tool for enhancing the impact of targeted online advertising. Basically it allows an online display ad to act like search words and to track post-click activity. This process sets up post-click conversion potential for a display ad that had previously only been possible with search marketing.

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Distrubution Channels Challenged by Ecommerce

The growth of ecommerce has meant a seismic shift in the relationships between consumers, retailers, distributors, manufacturers and service providers. It presents many companies with the option of altering, reducing or eliminating the role of intermediaries and lets those providers transact directly with their customers. Small companies with a limited number of products do no have to spend years getting the attention of distributors, paying large warehousing and rep fees, buying shelf space and comping product. However it is not a free ride

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Web sales level playing field for small companies

In looking at Internet sales the top markets are The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France and Australia. You will need to setup your shopping cart to accept the currency of the country you are selling into. Additionally you should generate some standard rates to cover international shipping charges that include any duties. Use an established logistics company to warehouse your product in country for a fee and then ship directly to the client.

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Banner Ads - The Pesky Reality of the Internet

Advertisers considering the mobile market will need to sharpen their strategy because mobile users won’t want to pay network charges for ads that don't interest them. Local based marketing sounds good in theory – use the GPS location of the mobile device to offer ads for businesses in the immediate area. But how many times do you want to see the grocery store ad when you're headed for the drug store? Push commerce – where ads are sent to the mobile device either through a subscription service or through local based marketing is a relic of the current technology. Pull commerce where mobile users decide what they want to see (and are willing to pay for!) challenges marketing and IT departments to work collaboratively.

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The High Cost of Poor Quality Business Processes

I am a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt leading process improvement projects across the company. As predicted by my instructors in the certification classes, I have also become a keen observer of processes outside of work. Guaranteed, a truck-sized process gap exists in each of these companies between payment processing and billing. It doesn't matter if the processes are in-house or out-sourced. What matters is that no one is watching the electronic payments – they come in silently – and communicating with billing. My bet is that the one company that has figured it out has marked my customer record so that when the bill is prepared, no envelope is included.

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Doing Web 1.0 Better

My business is small - it's local - it's personal, so e-business doesn't fit my business model. Alas ecommerce has to be part of you long term business strategy. Some ideas for making your web 1.0 site work harder for you. You don't have to compete with every deep pocketed international company. No need to miss out on the power of your web investment.

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