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Retargeting Online Display Ads

Retargeting substantially increases the value of advertising, build brand awareness and retains the targeted visitors' eyes after they have left your site. This value added ad extension prolongs your ad message and increases its value. It is another interesting tool for enhancing the impact of targeted online advertising. Basically it allows an online display ad to act like search words and to track post-click activity. This process sets up post-click conversion potential for a display ad that had previously only been possible with search marketing.

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Distrubution Channels Challenged by Ecommerce

The growth of ecommerce has meant a seismic shift in the relationships between consumers, retailers, distributors, manufacturers and service providers. It presents many companies with the option of altering, reducing or eliminating the role of intermediaries and lets those providers transact directly with their customers. Small companies with a limited number of products do no have to spend years getting the attention of distributors, paying large warehousing and rep fees, buying shelf space and comping product. However it is not a free ride

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