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Delay wastes monetary resources (interest payments) and even worse, we lose the ability to get “our ox out of the ditch” and to get ahead of our competitors (opportunity cost). In my opinion, lost opportunity is the real crime because it never comes back. We must move on. In a world that is changing in exponential dimensions with emerging economic power houses, dwindling resources, out-sourcing of American jobs, population explosions, unstable governments, terrorist concerns… We need new ideas - a new road map. My business model is broken, the fundamentals are there, but what are my buyers thinking? Answers for the future are not always the tried and true ones we all used forever.

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I’m OK, but is the bank I want to borrow money from OK?

Should I be borrowing from my bank? Are they solvent? How can I know what shape my bank is in? When is it time to abandoned my bank? Who can I trust? Texas Rations and Tier One Capital Ratios are available. Investigate your bank to assure they are as worthy of your business as you have to demonstrate you are of their money.

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Fool me once...

"I'm sorry, I've just been burned too many times before to make any changes." Even though I'm in a shadier industry than most, I'd imagine I'm not the only one who hears this excuse when trying to forge new relationships with businesses. I often say my ideal client is someone who's been burned in the past by a competitor because it helps them to see my value. But, there's always the flip side: the reality that the person who's been burned was actually torched, or run through the coals one time too many.

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