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Barter Goes Racing with NASCAR Sponsorship

The weekend was a big jump for barter banking, we made our first foray into the NASCAR market bartering for title sponsorship of the No. 10 Tommy Baldwin Racing Chevrolet of David Reutiman. The entire sponsorship deal was completed on trade and was brokered by Tradebank. This was an amazing experience for us because barter banking garnered a great deal of exposure to NASCAR fans, who are known for their loyalty and sponsorship support, and we did it all on trade.

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Cut a Better Deal: Why Bartering Beats Coupon Marketing

Everyone wants new business, but what risks are you willing to take to get it? Bartering offers new business for a nominal brokerage fee, which gives you a double advantage over a coupon campaign. First, you don’t pay your brokerage fees until you get new business, which means you don’t have to spend any money before you start making money.

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Don’t Write Off or Write Down That Excess Inventory This Year End!

Many businesses face difficult decisions at the end of every year to write off excess or aged inventory in an effort to have the financial statements accurately reflect the financial position of that inventory. Don’t take that financial hit this year! You have alternatives that will not impact your balance sheet or income statement at all. You have the opportunity to take those assets that have been a balance sheet headache and trade or barter them for prepaid assets such as media. There are many corporate barter exchanges that make trades like these every day and it is an absolute win-win for all parties involved.

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