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Using Big Data To Create Value

One source of Big Data with broad implications for any company is tracking how people use your website. The path they follow, how many times they frequent a page, or search more deeply for answers is of value to your company but may also be useful to others. While another company’s data may not have great value by itself, but when aggregate with another data base, becomes extremely valuable.

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Gee Wiz Technology and Big Data

As it is summer, I thought I would reflect on two books that I recently read. One light read, “The Lost Throne” by Chris Kuzenski written in 2008 with a Dan Brown theme.  The part that was interesting was the discussion of technology.  A gee whiz moment in the book was the 3 oz printer that easily fit in a laptop case, or going to an internet café to read an important encrypted email. The other was the ability of the government to search numerous databases to find out individual’s occupation in other countries and find their location via cell phone. Numerous times in the novel items needed to written down or photo copied. There are 25 to 30 pages of story line development on implementation of these technologies or lack thereof.

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